Summertime Shades

The sun seeking Scion squad never want the summer to end! Longer days, intense colours, outdoor living – we love everything about it!

To help make your summers last that little bit longer, inject some uplifting summertime shades into your home. Be sure to accessorise by bringing the outdoors in with fresh greens and colourful flowers in vibrant vases to really brighten up your days and invigorate your mood.


Cooling breezes and calm seas sum up the feel of these subtle ocean designs inspired by salted driftwood, pale pebbles and endless white sands. Perfect for our fantasy lives aboard a beautiful yacht in the Hamptons, or heading back to our New England beach house, of course. We can but dream! Click HERE to shop the Bleached Out Bliss look

Beach Bliss Moodboard

Snapping quickly back into the real world, we can confirm that these prints look just as good in the city pads, funky suburbs and country cottages. We’re shore of it! The fun doesn’t stop there, get your creative cap on and mix and match prints with the same tonality to really create a successful scheme.

Discover Lohko
Discover Anneke
Discover Taimi

Inspiration for our latest collections is always but a skimming stone’s throw away, whether it be the crystal clear water sailing the Caribbean, to the sandy shell sprinkled throughout Skegness, our Designers are always bringing back key finds from their international travel destinations. Click HERE to shop the Exotic Shores look

Exotic Shores Moodboard

Choose colours that remind you of deserted beaches, cool lagoons and endless oceans. Look for aqua and lime for a refreshing mix and go for patterns that reflect the exotic flora and fauna of the location.

Lagoon and Lime

(Clockwise from top left image) Curtains: Zing 120293 from Soul fabrics - Wallpaper: Groove 110853 from Spirit & Soul wallpapers, Cushions: A selection from Spirit & Soul fabrics - Wallpaper: Shibori 110438 from Wabi Sabi wallpapers - Curtains (l-r): Aloha 120207 & Shoji 120187, Chair: Meiko 120210 all from Wabi Sabi fabrics



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