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Levande is a collection of playful and uplifting prints, weaves and wallcoverings. The Scandi-inspired designs were created using lino-cuts, which has given them a hand-crafted, homespun look; they include light-hearted interpretations of foraged hedgerows, naively-drawn trees and leaves, stylised flora and fauna, heart-warming hedgehogs and a charmingly old-fashions push-bike.

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Scion Wabi Sabi

Levande is a joyful, exuberant and playfully-interpreted collection.

The collection takes its name from a Swedish word ‘Levande’ which means ‘living’ - highly appropriate for such a vivacious and vibrant range of fabrics and wallcoverings.

The Scandi-inspired designs were conceived using lino-cuts, which has given them a hand-crafted, homespun look. They include light-hearted interpretations of foraged hedgerows, naively-drawn trees and leaves, stylised flora and fauna (including enchanting hedgehogs, squirrels, hares and baby deer) and a charmingly old-fashioned push-bike.


Soul is a collection of fashionable, ultra-modern prints which pays homage to the glamorous graphic motifs and vibrant kaleidoscopic colours of the 1970s. Soul encompasses a versatile selection of oversized abstract designs, bold stripes and bright geometrics. Each upbeat design can be used individually or mixed together to create a striking clash of colours and shapes to dramatic effect.

Some Popular Soul Designs


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Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a striking and eclectic collection of prints, weaves and wallcoverings, which adhere to the Scion principals of cutting-edge, accessibly priced and forward looking. The collection celebrates the beauty of imperfection, encapsulating the spirit of age-old hand crafted techniques such as block printing, shibori, batik and ikat in a stunning array of mood-enhancing shades.

Some Popular Wabi Sabi Designs


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Khalo Weaves

The Khalo Weaves collection was influenced by Native American textiles and encompasses simplistic plains, checks and stripes. These textural woven designs have an organic, natural feel that works perfectly with the simple, and-crafted beauty of Scion’s Wabi Sabi and the quirky originality of the Melinki collection.

Some Popular Khalo Weaves Designs


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Refreshingly uncomplicated yet powerfully effective, Melinki consciously channel fashion motifs and colours. Bold, dramatic and uncompromising, Melinki bestows the freedom to create a diverse range of moods and looks to enhance your interior scheme.

Some Popular Melinki Designs


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    Spirit is a collection of modern tribal designs with an organic, natural feel in a palette of rich earthy tones interspersed with rustic brights. Its global inspirations are wide-ranging, encompassing a new take on South American ikats, hand-drawn African stripes and subtle Japanese motifs: a fusion of traditional crafts with a contemporary twist and timeless appeal.

    Some Popular Spirit Designs

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    Spirit Fabrics won Gold for 'Best Fabric' in the House Beautiful Awards 2014

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